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Easter Sunday Is Over, Now What?

Christ Church Easter 1938

(H/T) Easter baskets are empty, clothes hampers are full of our Sunday best, and Cadbury Eggs are now 50% at the grocery store (thanks be to God). While Easter Sunday might not leave us with quite the same holiday hangover that Christmas does, if yesterday wasn't the only day you've been to church in the past year and this whole Christianity...
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Creationist Cosmos: A “Science” Show Ken Ham Would Love

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.31.58 AM

Science is all kinds of popular right now. From Neil deGrasse Tyson's revamped Cosmos to PBS's Your Inner Fish which features one of those transitional species that creationists claim don't (and can't) exist, it's been a rough few weeks for Ken Ham and his merry band of fundamentalists. His epic showdown with Bill Nye is but a distant memory and his...
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This Is What It Looks Like When Captain America Becomes A Sermon Series

Screen-Shot-2014-04-04-at-8.30.21-AM I freely admit that I have not listened to the sermons in this sermon series. So, maybe the commercial and the website description are both wildly inaccurate or at least tongue in cheek. It just really, really doesn't seem like that. With sermon titles like "One Nation Under God," "Indivisible," "Liberty," and "Justice For All" it really, really sounds like Christian America: The Winning Soldier has the makings...
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Are We Really Being Biblical?

bible (H/T) It goes without saying that we disagree on a lot things in the church. If there's something to believe in or a position to take - maybe it's gay marriage or abortion or war or women in ministry or speaking in tongues - it's pretty easy to find 2 people who passionately disagree. But there is one thing that usually unites us even in our passionate...
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‘The Lower Room’ – A Passion Play Through The Eyes Of Women

Church plays (or musicals) can be a goldmine for hilariousness and poking fun. Like the time when a church tried to use pyrotechnics in their passion play and Jesus was almost roasted alive. We put on so many plays and musicals at church about the same story that getting butts in the pews means doing something to stand out from the crowd. Which often results in disaster...and a few good laughs. But this play seems different....
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What Abandoning Evangelicalism Does And Does Not Look Like

countrychurch(H/T) In the wake of the epic World Vision fiasco last week I wrote a post calling for the abandonment of evangelicalism in favor of "new wineskins." That call wasn't an impulsive reaction. It was the continuation of something I began talking about two years ago and others began calling for many years before that. Last week's disaster only reinforced my conviction that...
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10,000 Chances At Redemption

wvgirl (H/T Matthew Paul Turner) Yesterday afternoon I participated in a conference call with World Vision president Rich Stearns. It lasted a little less than an hour and consisted mostly of Rich explaining and apologizing for everything that has taken since (and before) World Vision changed and then reversed their decision to hire employees who are married and gay. While the original decision may have seemed like a...
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