Why Was Jesus Baptized? (Or Why Baptizing Infants Isn’t Heresy)

baptism3 Classes started up again for me this week, yesterday to be specific. One of the classes I attended yesterday is called Reformation Europe. It's a look at the various reformations (because there was more than one) that went on during this period in the life of the church, as well as the state. During his lecture, the professor made an offhand comment that I found to...
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When God Was Found In A Cave

cave(via) Yesterday at church I saw a video about hope in the new year. There was nothing particularly wrong with it. Standard Christian video fare. An inspirational song set to cheerful images and lyrics. What stuck out to me were the images being used in the video. On their own they were rather innocuous - smiling families, a big, new house, people celebrating a new...
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Introducing The ‘La-Z-Jesus’

Is your living room a den of iniquity? Is your favorite recliner in need of a little redemption? If so, your prayers have been answered. That is, of course, if your prayer was, "Dear Lord, can I please have some quasi-blasphemous furniture? It would really tie the room together. Amen."

20130108-151017.jpg Found here...
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Brad Pitt As Pontius Pilate?

I've always said, "The only thing the passion story is missing is a little sex appeal." So glad the folks in Hollywood finally recognized that too. 20130108-105819.jpg

Brad Pitt Eyes Pontius Pilate Lead

First announced last year, Warner Bros. has plans to bring to the screen the life story of Pontius Pilate, the 1st century Roman prefect who authorized the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Today, Deadline reports that Brad Pitt is eyeing...
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BCS National Championship Really A Prophetic Battle Between Catholics And Obama?

We're just a matter of hours from crowning a new champion in college football. Or are we a matter of hours from learning the fate of the world? No surprise here, the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse thinks it's the latter. And even though he's catholic, he's calling the game for Alabama because obviously they represent Barack Obama and obviously Notre Dame represents the Roman Catholic church and obviously this game is really a prophetic statement about Obamacare...
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Is Jesus Relevant To Christianity?

passion21 med Is Jesus relevant to Christianity? I realize that probably sounds like a bizarre question to be asking, but in recent weeks I've begun witnessing an equally bizarre phenomenon. It really picked up steam after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, but it started before that in random blog comments and Facebook posts that I've come across on a variety of subjects. What am I talking about? The...
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‘Punk Rock Jesus’ Wraps Up World Tour

A few months ago I featured a new comic book called Punk Rock Jesus. In case you don't remember, the series was based on this premise,
The book covers 14 years in the life of Chris, who is born out of a modern-day equivalent to the immaculate conception: Pieces of DNA are scraped off the Shroud of Turin, fused with an egg and are inserted into a virgin girl found via nationwide audition.
Well, it seems that...
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