REMINDER: The Jesus Politics Synchroblog Starts TOMORROW!!


This is just a friendly reminder that the Jesus Politics synchroblog starts tomorrow!!

In case you're just joining us, this coming week at The American Jesus will be dedicated to talking about faith and politics, or as I'm calling it, "Jesus Politics."

Each day of the week a different guest poster will make their case for why other...

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How Armageddon Will Really Be Decided

      There's a lot of mystery surrounding the book of Revelation. Does it really predict future events or it is written in reference to the Roman empire? Are there secret codes hidden within its pages or is it just one crazy dream? Well, we finally have some answers, at least about how the battle of Armageddon will play out. Jesus will ride down to earth on his white horse and defeat an arm wrestling match.

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The Zombification Of America



The other day I got what is definitely one of my favorite emails of all time. It was a offer to teach me how to prepare my garage and/or barn for the impending zombie apocalypse. According to the sender, I would appreciate their article on zombie-proofing since I write so much about zombies. I've definitely never written about zombies on here...
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What NOT To Buy Your Pastor For Christmas

    As soon as I wrote the title to this post I thought to myself, "Wait, who actually buys Christmas presents for their pastor?" Nevertheless, if you felt so inclined, please don't go with this option. Literally anything else would make for a better Christmas present. That is, unless you really don't like your pastor, then this would definitely be the present to get.

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