Ted Haggard Hot Tub

I'm not one to pick on a man when he's down, but when you take a picture like this you're inviting some sort of response. Then again, if you're featured in GQ and you have a reality TV show are you really that down?   Here's the link to the GQ interview he gave in case you want to read it. And just for fun here's...
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The Church of Kardashian

The Church of Kardashians

By ANDREA MAGRATH They've conquered clothing, fragrance, books and reality television, and now the Kardashian have created their own church. Speaking to Piers Morgan, Kim Kardashian has revealed how she funded a church set up last year in Calabasas by her mother Kris Jenner. The revelation came after Morgan asked the reality star if she knew how much she was worth, to which Kim replied:...
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Wikipedia Jesus

My friend Brannon, who hosts a great blog called Sanctifying Worship, came across this story on Slate. I think it's a fantastic example of the "have it your way" American Jesus.  

Jesus of Wikipedia

Using Christ's page as a guide to the online encyclopedia's ten-year history. By Chris Wilson At 1:12 a.m. on March 3, 2001, Jimmy Wales created a page for Jesus on a three-month-old site called  Read more

Ice Cream for Jesus

"Ice Cream For Jesus" Truck in Limbo

Chris Biele, Fox40 News
A self-proclaimed former meth addict hopes to spread her drug prevention message around Manteca with the help of an ice cream truck, but her criminal past is getting in the way. Olivia Lopez-Grajeda calls her business "Ice Cream For Jesus." By looking at her van, currently sitting in a bakery parking lot, you'll...
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When The Discovery Channel teams up with the Vatican…

There's really no way I could top the opening line from this article about the Discovery Channel's newest project, so I'll just let you read the news directly from the source itself: "Discovery Channel is teaming with the Vatican for an unprecedented new series hunting the deadliest catch of all: Demons. 'The Exorcist Files' will recreate stories of real-life hauntings and demonic possession, based on...
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Punk Rock Church

Are you tired of your boring, old, traditional Baptist church? Are the Pentecostals too establishment for you?  Maybe names like Holy Trinity and Grace Community just don't do it for you? Then, maybe you should check out Scum of the Earth Church

Christianity gets the punk-rock treatment at this Denver church

By Josiah M. Hesse, Westword Tucked behind a 7-Eleven and a liquor store, a historic church building rises...
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Tale of Two Christmases

Maybe your church has $8000 or so laying around and you'd like to put it to good use this Christmas. Ed Young's church in Grapevine, TX and Net Church in Oklahoma City, OK both found themselves in this particular situation. One of them put it to good use:


Grapevine pastor goes 3-D for Christmas services

GRAPEVINE, Texas — A minister known for his innovative preaching has...

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