Fundie Friday part 3

[youtube umn3iCn90IY] Not only does this guy have the worst "evangelism method" of all time, he also has the most ironic "evangelist" name: Ray Comfort. You won't be very comfortable when Ray comes by to tell you you're going to hell. What Ray and his good buddy Kirk Cameron do is called "confrontational evangelism". They ambush random people on the street, quiz them on which of the 10 commandments they've broken and then tell them they're...
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Go and Do Likewise

Quran burning condemned, but Springfield minister to burn copy, too

BY BOB SMIETANA • THE TENNESSEAN Conservative Christian leaders condemned a Florida pastor who plans to burn 200 copies of the Quran on Sept. 11, saying Wednesday that Christians don't burn other religions' holy books. It's as simple as the "separation of church and hate," said the Rev. Rick Warren, a California megachurch pastor who prayed at...
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File Under “Yeah, That’ll Help…”

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you..."(Matthew 5:44-45) By now, most people have heard of Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who plans on holding a community-wide Koran burning at his church ( Dove World Outreach) on September 11th.  He's gotten quite a...
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Old Time Religion

I hear lines like this a lot: "we need some of that old time religion", "this would never have been allowed in our parent's church", or "we need to get back to the faith of our fathers." The idea being that we need only look back or appeal to a previous (often the most recent or first) generation to see a time when the...
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Housewife or Hell


[youtube 1WPVxndUcHQ]

If the wife isn't a "homemaker" and the husband isn't the sole breadwinner then you're both probably going to hell. At least, so says Mark Driscoll and his wife. In case you're not familiar with Driscoll, don't be deceived by the "cool clothes", the high end graphics, or the expensive stage pieces. He's really no different than the fire and brimstone Calvanist preachers of his father's day. Same 'ole fundamentalism, new packaging....
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Jesus had AIDS?

'Jesus was HIV-Positive'

Johannesburg – A churchman in Cape Town has angered Christians in his community by preaching that Jesus Christ was HIV-positive, South Africa's Mail & Guardian newspaper reported on Friday. Reverend Xola Skosana of the charismatic Way of Life church said he had decided to tackle the issue of HIV/Aids head-on to end the stigma surrounding the disease. In a sermon entitled "Jesus was HIV positive" he...
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Strippers Protest Church for Protesting Strippers

This story has actually been in the national news for a few months now, and it doesn't seem to be going away.   Strippers in Warsaw, OH are protesting a local church every Sunday in retaliation for the church protesting and harassing their club and customers.    Despite going back and forth for months, no peace has been made between the two parties. You can read Read more