St. Paddy’s Day Limericks, Rob Bell Edition

While the biggest holiday going on is clearly the first real day of March Madness, we also want to recognize a little known day thatyou may have heard of- St. Patrick's Day. We can think of no better way to honor St. Patrick than to provide our readers with some tasty limericks regarding the media flap over Rob Bell.  Enjoy!



There once was a...

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Madness Matchup Schedule

Below is the schedule for the American Jesus Madness Tournament. There first four rounds will be broken up into 3-hour voting blocks. During that time you can vote for who you want to win each matchup as many times as you want. Winners for each round will be announced as soon as I can get them posted following the end of each voting session . The Egregious Eight and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rounds will take place on Monday...
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The Evidence Bible: By Ray Comfort

Are you tired of hearing "Your Bible is a weapon against the enemy!" because you get frustrated not having the ammunition to put that weapon into action? Well, worry no more because Ray Comfort and his buddy Kirk Cameron are here to help. Good 'ole Ray has grown tired of getting sidetracked by minor issues when he debates people (you know, minor issues like "facts") and he's guessing you feel the same way too. So, Ray has...
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Madness Matchups

We've done the research for you. So, all you have to do is vote for the winner. As promised here are the breakdowns of the matchups for American Jesus Madness.   Mark Driscoll vs. Interpretive Dance Lady This one might seem like a no brainer. Driscoll is a man's man. He doesn't mess with sissy stuff like yoga. There is no way...
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American Jesus Madness

    It's March Madness time which means it's time for all true blooded Americans to neglect their jobs for the next couple of weeks pouring over obscure statistics in order to fill out the perfect bracket and then watch that bracket bust after the first round. Since we anticipate having our own brackets busted by Friday we've decided have some fun before we get depressed. We're starting a new tradition and we're calling it: American Jesus Madness. It works...
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“Driscollesque” Pastor Explains What a Real Man Is

I don't mean to make assumptions, but the guy in the video seems quite taken with the "radiant and ruddy" man described in Song of Songs.  Maybe even more so than his (assumedly) female lover who writes about him. [youtube EFUV8Z9DlYI] For those taking notes at home, here are some things on the "real dude" checklist.
  • Dark skin (editors note: RAWR!)
  • Doesn't wear skinny jeans
  • Doesn't drink decaf herbal tea
  • Wins lots of fights
  • Doesn't listen to Celine Dion
  • Doesn't watch Ellen
  • Is somewhat...
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Pet Rock Jesus

As we noted the other day Jesus has been popping up everywhere lately. Now it turns out Jesus has shown up in a rock. That's not particularly surprising considering everywhere else that he's appeared, but what is fun about about this appearance is that the Jesus finder has put together a detailed video diagramming exactly where Jesus and Mary appear in the rock for those of us (normal people) who can't see him in the rock. Extra...
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Know Your Mormon History

I love Mormons. They make me giggle for so many reasons. The whole "Are they Christians?" conversation is pretty amusing too. Everyone in "mainline" churches tend to get upset when Mormons claim to be a part of the church. What most people don't realize is they're not saying "we're in this together with you guys!" They're saying "we are the real church, not you guys." Not convinced? Then you need to brush up on your Mormon church...
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