Fundamentalist Three Stooges Commercial

[youtube HfZhrLICfrI] A few things... 1.) Did you know that there was such thing as a National Young Fundamentalists Conference? 2.) Is anyone surprised that a group of fundamentalists is using a comedy trio from the 1930's to draw in young people? 3.) Where's Shemp?...
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Skiing With Jesus

Jesus has been showing up in a lot of places lately: an iron, a rocking chair, lots of different pieces of toast. Well, now it appears He's making an appearance at a ski resort in Montana. Except this time it's for real!

From the Billings Gazette: WHITEFISH — Having made cameo appearances in taco shells and coffee splotches, it should come as little surprise that Jesus —...
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Cowboy Church

I've heard rumors about "cowboy church" for years. One of my professors in college used to spin tales about people dressing up like cowboys and holding church in a barn. To be honest I only half believed him. Finally, I have proof: [youtube W2UeXNt7dts]   Look, if you feel the need to wear a cowboy hat and hold church in a barn to feel like you're reaching people for Christ then "get 'er done". But that doesn't mean this...
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