How To Be A Man Of God

    Real Godly men do manly stuff life bite cds, rip things apart with their bare hands, blow out sissy candles, and punch their friends. "Joe, hey, got a light?" "I'm gonna let it shine." [Insert punch to the face] Mark Driscoll and Ed Young would be so proud.

[youtube BuV21Wotp6s]


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Reflections on 9/11


I still remember where I was. I’m sure you do too. For me, it was 8:03am CDT on September 11, 2001, the second plane had just hit the south tower and I was asleep. It was a Tuesday morning and usually...
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Who’s Raising Your Children?

    Welcome to "The Courtroom of Life" where the fate of your children is decided. The judge, who seems to be doing her best Robert De Niro impression, will make her ruling and decide who gets to raise these puppet children. Will it be television? Money? Knowledge? How about vices? Of course not! These puppet children will...
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Does God desire prayer over serving others?

  [youtube Wb2cSPdBN8o]   I'm not going to be able to write much about this video... mostly because it makes me so incredibly angry.  It's not because someone doesn't like President Obama, and it's  not because someone is to the right of me politically.   It's because of the arrogant way that this...
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