Jesus Comes To Alabama…..To See Wiz Khalifa

    Apparently Jesus is a big fan of Wiz Khalifa.....

Man sees face of Jesus in sky over Mobile's BayFest 2011

By Paul Cloos, Press-Register MOBILE, Alabama -- Carlos McDaniel was at the Pepsi Stage at BayFest 2011 in downtown Mobile on Sunday, waiting for Wiz Khalifa to perform when he turned around and looked up in the sky. He loves to take photos, is interested in images and was intrigued...
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Let Freedom Ring – The Traveling Road Show

    Time to get back to something less serious. Personally, I think this looks amazing. About time there was a traveling road show to help "put God back in American again." If this guy comes to your church, then please file a report and let us know if it's everything we hope and dream it can be.

[youtube TjrKX9VuHsc]

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Pastor Mark Driscoll – “God Hates You”

[youtube CMJK4MwfQmQ]

UPDATE : Apparently Mars Hill has chosen to remove this clip from Pastor Mark's sermon. Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. That isn't an out of context quote in the headline. Here are Pastor Mark's exact words:

"Some of you, God hates you. Some of you, God is sick of you. God is frustrated with you. God is wearied by you. God has suffered long enough with you. He doesn't think...

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I’m In The Lord’s Army – The Official Music Video

    It looks like the Lord is an equal opportunist in His army. He's got soldiers from every era of war. I would be worried about the Roman soldiers in God's army going up against modern day weaponary, but it appears Satan's army only consists of a demonic version of the Hamburgerlar. Fortunately, it doesn't appear that the satanic Hamburgerlar has a weapon. Well, except temptation, of course.....the temptation to eat more hamburgers! Anyway, it's about time this song...
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Steve Jobs & Westboro Baptist: The Irony of Hate


Westboro Baptist Church uses iPhone to announce protest at Steve Jobs’s funeral

By Elizabeth Tenety Westboro Baptist Church announced plans Wednesday night to protest Steve Jobs’s funeral, sending the message out. . .wait for it. . . via Twitter for iPhone. Margie Phelps, daughter of the small church’s founder and the lawyer who represented the church during their First Amendment case at the Supreme Court, (which Westboro won) was among the Phelps family members to use...
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Churches using “Thriller” promotions: An exhaustive look

  It's amazing what you can learn wasting a morning on youtube. This morning's new nugget of knowledge is that the Michael Jackson classic "Thriller" is often performed in (or by) churches. Seriously. Go look- there are dozens and dozens of them! Who knew?! Here's an example of "Thriller" being used as a promotional tool for a youth event. Pretty decent quality on this one [youtube EpdAFN4UNK0]   Another interesting phenomenon I noticed is the use of "Thriller" in conjunction...
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‘The Nightmare’ – Scaring People To Jesus


[youtube QC1fN6o03wE]

I've said before  and I'll say it again: I am not a fan of so-called "hell houses" or "Christian haunted houses." I'm not interested in scaring people into heaven, if that's even possible. So when the guy in this video says "Most people think we're crazy for putting on The Nightmare.....Then again most people don't think they can change the world," I've got to take issue with what he's implying. He is right that people...
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