Let Freedom Ring – The Traveling Road Show

    Time to get back to something less serious. Personally, I think this looks amazing. About time there was a traveling road show to help "put God back in American again." If this guy comes to your church, then please file a report and let us know if it's everything we hope and dream...
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Steve Jobs & Westboro Baptist: The Irony of Hate


Westboro Baptist Church uses iPhone to announce protest at Steve Jobs’s funeral

By Elizabeth Tenety Westboro Baptist Church announced plans Wednesday night to protest Steve Jobs’s funeral, sending the message out. . .wait for it. . . via Twitter for iPhone. Margie Phelps, daughter of the small church’s...
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‘The Nightmare’ – Scaring People To Jesus


[youtube QC1fN6o03wE]

I've said before  and I'll say it again: I am not a fan of so-called "hell houses" or "Christian haunted houses." I'm not interested in scaring people into heaven, if that's even possible. So when the guy in this video says "Most people think we're crazy for putting on...
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“There Are No Sissys In God’s Army”

    No idea who this guy is, but he's pretty amusing. Definitely not afraid to scream. Especially when he talks about "God's army." Doth quote the preacher, "There are no sissys in God's army!!!" Well, glad he cleared that one up for us. I wonder if this guy was Mark Driscoll's mentor?

[youtube 3vIwShYGnvY]

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