American Jesus Madness – 1st Round Voting


American Jesus Madness is officially underway!!

Brackets have been submitted and now it's time too vote.

You don't have to have submitted a bracket in order to vote, nor is their a limit on how many times you can vote. But if you did submit a bracket, make sure you have all of your friends...

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Last Chance To Submit Your Bracket!!


Today is your last chance to submit your bracket for our annual American Jesus Madness tournament!!

What is American Jesus Madness you ask?

It's our version of March Madness, but instead of basketball teams we use pop Christian culture and let you vote on the winners.

Our bracket may be made up, but the...

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American Jesus Madness – The Bracket


It's here!!

Presenting the official 2012 American Jesus Madness bracket!

Big thanks to everyone who took the time to make nominations for the bracket. We really appreciate it.

Just to recap....American Jesus Madness is our spin on March Madness (which begins next week), but instead of basketball teams, we use pop Christian culture.

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Does Jesus Still Heal The Sick?

    A church in New Zealand this week posted and then abruptly removed this billboard after "heated response" from several nearby residents. According to The New Zealand Herald,

"The Equippers Church billboard which displayed the phrase 'Jesus heals cancer' caused outrage amongst many, and sparked an Advertising Standards Authority investigation after nine complaints were laid. The sign bore a tally of six to signify the...

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Breaking The 10 Commandments With An iPad 3


If the reports are true, Apple will announce the release of iPad 3 today. Or maybe they'll announce the long rumored Apple HDTV. Or maybe some other amazing gadget that will be the coolest thing since sliced bread....except just a little bit cooler. Whatever it is they're about to release, I want one. That's not right. I don't want one. I covet one. I have an iPhone, an...
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What Is Your Hope For The Church?


  We find ourselves, once again, in the midst of another contentious election season.

As in most elections, the role of faith is at the heart of many debates. The specific issues may vary, but the political opinions and actions of most of us in the church can often be characterized by the same thing:  what we're against.

As a result, in the...

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