Pastor Steven Anderson: The Bible Says “Cover Your Crack!!”

Stephen Anderson says many, many, many things I don’t agree with.

But I think we’ve finally found something we do agree on.

Cover your crack, folks.

Cover your crack.


  • Tom LeGrand

    Hilariously true. I had a middle school guidance counselor tell me that one of their biggest needs was belts to give kids who refused to wear them to school (mostly boys). I’m also not seeing boxers or gym shorts as justification for wearing pants around your quads, but let’s start with the full crack issue first.

  • Nathan Mack

    Methinks his method of interpretation is slightly flawed. Was his Jesus crucified in Wrangler U-shape jeans? Or does this only apply to women? (

  • Rob Grayson

    Well, ya gotta admire the guy’s passion if nothing else…

    And does he really preach in front of that painting?

  • Adele Bohn

    wait. he made a whole sermon about americans showing their cracks based on the humiliation intentionally inflicted by the king of assyria on the egyptians? wow

  • Maryanne Thomson

    All I can picture is Pastor Stephen checking out booty, kinda creepy.

  • Jennifer Stahl

    I knew pastors who would go off on stuff like this on a regular basis when I was a child. I have never laughed so hard at one of his sermons as this one, especially when I realized how much he looks like actor Matthew Fox.