Wanted: Americans In Heaven

My new friend Janie just sent this to me.

I believe it’s an old tract.

Looks like Christian Nightmares posted it too a few weeks back.

But this is the first time I’m seeing and, well, being that this is The American Jesus, how could I not share it?


  • Justin Mitchell

    Jesus looks maaaaad, but his windswept hair is still fabulous as ever!

  • Occupy Christianity

    That’s the thing about heaven…just too many damn foreigners there. Jesus needs more ‘mericuns!

  • Rebecca Erwin

    I feel that finger pointing me in the chest as the wrathful gaze challenges me. The hair is awesome though. Fabio would be jealous. Wait… could Fabio have been the model?! *braincramp*

  • http://www.anirenicon.com/ Allen O’Brien

    Because heaven’s facing a serious lack of exceptionalistic, gun-loving, rough and ready sons of bit**es.

  • http://godofevolution.com/ Tyler Francke

    I ain’t going unless they got football and “America’s Got Talent” up there.

  • http://mindsquirrel.com/ Andrew Tatusko, Ph.D.

    That belt should be a black belt. Secret spiritual roundhouse kick!

  • Pam Manners

    With such righteous anger being displayed by Jesus, this sketch looks post-temple table turnover incident. And despite that healthy and luxurious look to the Lord’s locks, I honestly can’t fathom how a picture like this would invite/draw anyone to Christ, if this is indeed from a tract. :/

  • Lawrence LaPointe

    There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you America, are all one in Christ Jesus. gal 3;28

  • Karen

    What do you mean “How many Americans are going to Heaven?”! This, being the new “Promised Land”, we are already here! . . . Aren’t we? Well, it would be if we could just get rid of those pesky atheists, Muslims and “Liberals”, right? ;-P