Jesus Tattoo Of The Day

Ok, so technically this is your “God Tattoo Of The Day,” but it’s the Trinity and Jesus is part of that, so it counts, right?

Anyway, my friend over at Christian Nightmares found this.

I think it’s kinda awesome.

And I feel like every pastor should get this tattoo as part of their ordination.



  • Justin Mitchell

    “Spanking the Devil” sounds like a euphemism for something…

  • Greg Strong

    They’re both smiling… ..just a casual observation.

    • Brannon Hancock

      Yep – my guess is, Old Scratch enjoys a good paddlin’…

  • Brannon Hancock

    I’d rather the district (or region or whoever) spend $100 buying me a tattoo instead of the Steerman statue… LOL, just kidding, I love my Steerman statue (thanks MVNU!)…but I wouldn’t mind a free tattoo either.

  • Kyle Weaver

    I know you are just having fun..but when I subscribed to you, I was hoping your theology would be more in line with the Bible. “You shall not make a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in Heaven above…” I am not saying tatoos are sinful but if you are going to use ‘Jesus’ in your blog, I would suggest you being ‘discipled’ by an older man in the faith to make sure your blog fits accurate doctrine. Of course, put your own spin on it to make it exciting and interesting…just a thought.

    • Juan Carlos Torres

      So does accurate doctrine throw out the Orthodox icons because in Exodus God told the Israelites not to make an image?

  • pastordt

    You find the weirdest stuff! Between you and MPT, I’m set. Thanks. :>)

  • Rebecca Erwin

    The smirk on God’s face just makes it better. In a creepy way.

    Your humor is the best.

  • Dustin

    LOL! funny one. But on a more serious note: look around, does it REALLLLY look like Jesus is spakin the Devils @$$?