Who’s The Real Hater?

The only thing Christians today like talking about more than Jesus is haters.

It’s completely ridiculous, but it’s also kinda genius if you think about.

It doesn’t matter how valid someone else’s criticism is or how incapable you are of mounting a defense, just call that person a hater and you win!

Well, if seems Jack Chick wants in on the hater action (or maybe wanted in, I have no idea how old this thing is).

You know Jack, right?

He’s the lord of the tracts. He didn’t invent them, but he refined them into an art form, a tacky and often bigoted, hateful, and sometimes even racist art form, but still art…more or less.

Anyway, apparently Jack got tired of being called a hater himself and decided to turn the tables in the best way he knew how.

With a tract.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 9.30.24 AM










So, just to recap because I’m a bit confused by that last part.

If you hate people you’ll be kind to them and call them “brother.”

But if you love people, it’s “Burn in hell, you dirty rats!”?

Or maybe that’s what we’re saying if we don’t give out tracts?

I don’t know, but either way, given that last picture on the right I think it’s pretty clear Jack is no fan of the Mormons.


  • Jon

    The guy is a complete monster. I don’t want to impose judgement on him but his vitriol and hate seems opposite of the gospel he claims to love. Pray for him.

  • jwhawthorne

    Re: the last panel. Please tell me that guys on the left are Jonah and his buddy instead of being some random Muslims. In the “brothers” passage, is our hero making friends with Mormon Missionaries?

    And while i’m at it, what’s with the first panel? I get the offense of the guy who says “no”, but has anyone ever said what fat guy says? (Sure, they may say “creep” but not because it’s connected to doctrine). And, seriously, Catholics who think the pope is the son of God?

  • http://1t412.wordpress.com/ Christina

    Re: the first panel. I had no idea that Catholics believed that the Pope was God Almighty. Chick tracts are so informative! :P Also, how would that work, exactly, since we have different Popes at different times and current popes were alive at the same time as their predecessors, so you can’t claim reincarnation.

    • http://www.dylanwolf.com/ Dylan Wolf

      Yeah, that one hurt my brain.

      “Being harsh is love, being nice is hate” makes sense from a certain perspective… making up things people believe is on another level entirely. You pretty much throw all your claims of goodwill out the window at that point.

  • Adele Bohn

    not b/c i agree. but i think the guy on the left is jonah who is also a hater.

  • Adele Bohn

    and wow! in love he’s pointed out so many who are bound for the lake of fire: those w/ tattoos, rednecks, ninevites….

  • Adele Bohn

    and wow! in love he’s pointed out so many who are bound for the lake of fire: those w/ tattoos, rednecks, ninevites….

  • Justin Mitchell

    Just to clarify, the guy in the left panel is Jonah, refusing to share the gospel with the people of Nineveh, thereby effectively saying “burn in hell for all I care”.
    The guy on the right is ‘lying and pretending” that the two Mormon guys are saved by being nice and friendly instead of presenting them with the harsh truth.

    But yeah.. the whole idea behind this book is pretty childish and passive aggressive.

  • Rebecca Erwin

    “The purpose of Chick tracks is to shock unbelievers into realizing they are lost, deserving judgment and in need of a savior.”

    I guess Jesus had it wrong. He wasn’t supposed to dine with tax collectors, he was supposed to shock them. Did they have cattle prods then?

  • Dawn Wright

    Sigh. My brother hands out the Halloween ones every year.

  • relevantjeff

    Not sure about panel three… is the bald guy wearing that label because of how he treats his wife or because of what he puts on in the morning?

  • Dustin

    Tracks try to do what Christian’s actions can’t do and do it in a dumbed down way.

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  • MMattM

    The first panel sounds like a parody of Chick since it’s so ridiculous. Yeah, if he assumes Catholics worship the pope, he definitely won’t like Mormons. Heaven isn’t small enough for guys like him.

  • Sergius Martin-George

    I lost my last remaining ounce of respect for Jack Chick when he declared that Facebook’s Timeline innovation was a harbinger of the
    End Times
    , and that Mark Zuckerberg is a secret Jesuit novice, whose social network invention was funded by the Vatican and whose real purpose behind Facebook is a one-world government, ONEFace.

  • Christopher Martin

    While I agree that Chick tracts are bizarre the two panels are not what you think. They are meant to be examples of the text above them “If we hated the lost…we would either, like Jonah, refuse to give them the gospel… or lie and pretend they are saved, calling them “brother”. The left panel is Jonah refusing to give them the gospel, the right panel is lying and calling them brothers.