Praise Your Way To Fitness!!

Tragedy of all tragedies, I had forgotten all about this guy.

Then by chance (or was it the prompting of the Spirit?), I stumbled across one of his videos today (cause I’m a loyal subscriber, I mean how could I not be?!) and now my day is 1000% better and yours will be too after you watch this clip.

You’ve heard of CrossFit, Insanity, and P90X, right?

Well, they’re all scams.

If you really wanna get in shape, you’ve gotta praise your way to fitness by getting electrified by Jesus!!

  • Sharideth



    I’m just now recovering from the seizure those graphics caused.

  • Jeremy Myers

    At least there wasn’t a “Buy Now” for only $79.99… But WAIT, if you call now, we can reduce that to three simple payments of only $24.99!

  • Johnathan S.

    I wonder if this is effective for those from more liturgical backgrounds?

  • Ron W

    I don’t know if this video or the one below is better.
    Also, “Zap!”

  • Katie

    I wish I could unsee this.

  • Pam Manners

    Omigosh. This is 3:59 too long. I had to turn it off after only one minute. And I thought all those Happy Honda Days commercials with Michael Bolton this Christmas were embarrassing.