Jesus Doesn’t Have Any Time For You

I guess it’s true what they say.

The devil is in the details.

A Christian group put out the pamphlet below as part of a campaign to get people to make more time for Jesus.

The problem, as someone on Redditt pointed out, is that whoever created the pamphlet got the texting backwards, making it look like Jesus was blowing off the person texting him.

This is why we double check our work, kids.

jesus-text1(Found here)

  • Charlie Walker


  • The Irish Atheist

    Not what was intended? Yes.
    Considerably more accurate? Also yes.

  • Tim

    Not to mention that the assumptions behind the ideology in this text exchange are mind bogglingly inaccurate.

  • Nicholas

    If your praying to Jesus your praying to the wrong entity. Jesus said that when you pray you should pray to God, the Father. Jesus never taught that we should pray to him but that we should pray to our Father who is in heaven. Is Jesus wrong or a liar? No? Than STOP twisting it and stop praying to Jesus. People have it backwards.

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