When Cross And Flag Combine…They Make Terrible Tattoos

A while back I shared this epically terrible Jesus tattoo.

jesus tattooWell, as it turns out, patriotic crosses are an entire genre of tattoos.

Here’s a few I came across today that are just wow.

There’s the simple…

cross-american-flag-tattoo-design-for-men-on-calfThe slightly more elaborate…

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.53.42 AMThe obligatory “One nation under God…”

my_tats_001_largeAnd the I’m pretty sure using the cross that way is blasphemy…

USAAMERICANcloseupgeneraldetailed-tattoo-bits-Sflashdesigns-tattoo-bits-picturesgallery-tattoo-bits-art19I would try to add clever commentary, but I don’t even know how you begin respond to the cross being relegated to a flagpole.

It’s just too terrible for words.

UPDATE: Here’s one somebody just shared in the comments that might just be the worst cross/flag tattoo of all time…


  • Confused

    I have a legitimate question. What is your ministry? I see a lot of poking fun. Where is the line between preaching against legalism so much that you in turn become legalistic? These are no worse than your salvation breath mints and bandaids that you said “every Christian must have” I don’t personally have one of those tattoos or bandaids. What if one of those people who have these tattoos see that you shared them to make fun? Would / could that cause them to stumble? I don’t know their heart only God does. I am not saying I agree or disagree with their tattoos.

    • Joe Keene

      Sorry I missed the band-aids and breath mints directive. I’ll order some today.

    • ZackHunt

      I guess where we’re not seeing eye to eye is that I think sometimes we need to poke fun at each other in order to learn and grow. Not simply mock or demean or bully, but like we do with our family, a good ribbing can help us see how ridiculous we can be sometimes. I don’t know that I would call that a ministry, but if we are brothers and sisters in Christ, I think it is something appropriate and important to do.

      • Ian

        Zack, you dont need to explain yourself. Confused, is not actually confused. The tactic that they are using, “playing dumb,” is an attempt to justify their own personal beliefs, and it is something Ive grown up with my whole life. They use unrelated statements/verses like “stumbling” or “only God knows their heart” to rationalize their acceptance, yet justify their judgement and contempt towards others lives they dont agree with under the guise of being “biblical.”

    • D Lowrey

      Guess I missed the government classes in college at the “Christian” liberal arts college that America has always been a fundamentalist theocratic country…rather than a representative republic. I would love for you to tell me when the change happened and that I’m heading straight to hell for refusing to say “One Nation Under God” because I refuse to believe the lie that the US is a “Xtian” nation.

    • Eric

      Well, I think a good case could be made that these are worse than Jesus band aids and similar Christian kitsch. Things like that might trivialize the symbolism of the cross by turning a Christian identity into something you can buy. And that is theologically problematic, of course, because it turns the gospel into on more story in the marketplace of ideas and Christians into a marketing demographic.

      But these, it seems, confuse Christ and country. They seem to elevate America into a savior, something worth sacrificing your whole being for, because America’s history and values are conflated with the history and values of Jesus. And so it isn’t really about what is in the heart of the owners, but the message their tattoos are sending about Christ, America, and themselves.

  • Pam Manners

    Pretty much just as bad as when crucifixes are blinged out and worn as fashion accessories (necklaces, earrings, pins, etc.), don’t you think?

    The first two and the last tats look like some prime candidates for appearances on an episode of ‘Bad Ink.’ Yikes.

    • Eric

      Hmm, I’m not sure it is as bad, actually. It’s one thing trivialize the symbolism of the cross by bedazzling it with faux diamonds and god. But isn’t it something else to conflate Christ and country?

      • Brian Pierson

        Eric 1 Pam 0

  • Bz3rk
    • ZackHunt

      Whatever the next step beyond speechless is, I’m there.

      • D Lowrey

        Having had former family members who would love this…my only question is does this also come with an order of a white hood and burning cross?

      • http://theravenspoke.blogspot.com/ TheRaven

        And not just one infamous flag of armed treason in defense of human chattel slavery, but two.

  • Charlie Walker

    I . . . there . . . if . . . well . . . (no words.) Thanks/not thanks for sharing. lol

  • http://politicaljesus.com/ h00die_R (Rod)

    That last tattoo. I am soooo done. Incredibly gross.