Virginia Church Worships In The Nude

I used to have the occasional nightmare about accidentally showing up to church in my underwear.

Apparently, that is a dream come true for one church in Virginia.

Well, minus the accident part.

And the underwear.

In fact, it’s an every Sunday dream come true because they worship in the nude.

Why do they go to church sans clothes, you ask?

Because according to one church member, “People are more open as far as hearing the word of God, and speaking the word of God” when they’re naked.

Sure they are.

WSMV Channel 4

  • Brad Sydow

    Well, years ago growing up in an evangelical church, there was an old hymn called, “Just As I Am” but I’m not sure this is where it was intended to lead one!

  • Ryan Robinson

    Naked and unashamed.

  • Bart Massey

    Spoiler alert: it’s a Church in a nudist resort. What exactly would one expect the dress code to be?

    • ZackHunt

      Not having a church in a nudist resort? :)

      • Bart Massey

        There’s a large contingent that feels strongly that the conflation of nudity with sexuality is a social problem rather than some kind of gift of God: these people, some of whom may well be among God’s best and most loved, are the ones who tend toward nudist establishments. Even if I weren’t highly sympathetic with this position, I wouldn’t be the one to judge them.

        If anything, I’d credit this congregation with questionable judgement for allowing a TV crew into their place of worship, and the TV folks with questionable ethics for their portrayal. In particular, it was not until the last line that they made it clear that the “resort” the Church serves is a nudist park. That seems to me the kind of germane fact that should be in the lead. (Bonus points for gratuitously highlighting the man’s nipple piercing.)

        Yeah, it’s funny :-). But from what little I’ve heard of both I’ll take Virginia Nudist Church over Virginia Megachurch (42 churches over 2000 average attendance, one around 16,000, wow!) any day.

        • Jonathan Kuperberg

          Thomas Road Baptist, that’d be. One of the best churches in the world I’d suggest. Many mega-churches focus too much on gimmicks, water down the message or are led by self-important ‘rock star pastors’ without the appropriate humility for their role as spiritual shepherds but that one deserves all of its 16,000 attendance.

          I’m not opposed to a nudist camp where people are already used to it and don’t generally have the sexual reactions holding church naked. If it was like the ‘nude encounter groups’ they had in ’70s San Francisco which encouraged ‘openness and self-disclosure’ among people who weren’t otherwise nudists that would probably be inimical to holiness to some extent thus a different story.

  • CKPS63

    Francis of Assisi once told his father “I will go naked to meet my naked God.” Then he did it.