Tract Tuesday- part 19

If there’s two things that Jack Chick hates, it’s gays and people who don’t recognize the KJV as the only true Word of God.  In this tract, notice how successful Satan seems to be throughout history.  Jack seems to give him a lot of credit- perhaps because of a deal they have mutually agreed upon…



(As always, special thanks to the good people at Chick Publishing for all their hard work in putting this tract together.)

  • Jay-Pee

    That is a very interesting alternate view of reality. I love how in one of the last few boxes he feels the need to correct the word “diminish.”

  • melissa

    Man, that is one long Chick tract!

    • Wes

      Believe it or not, Chick seems to stick to a standard 21-22 panels for all of his masterpieces. I think this one seems longer due to the excessive panels of revisionist history.

  • Mimi

    This masterwork of paranoia makes DaVinci code look like Little House on the Prairie.

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