• Lexington Thinker

    As a resident of Lexington…As that lead-in slide came up, I kept saying “don’t be Lexington KY,” “Don’t be Lexington KY”…


  • http://liquidfaith.wordpress.com Ihop

    Wow! I had the same reaction as the last commenter. I am just so proud the live in the Lexington area….sigh!

    • http://www.google.com/ Lakeisha

      Your answer lifts the inteliglecne of the debate.

    • http://dnvjkpmzfdku.com/ pwypailmm

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  • HarmonyGracelynne

    I just want to let you know that there were churches from all over the U.S. that came that week… and ALL the young people loved it! Including me! :) so, you may think that the 3 stooges is outdated, but, hey, how can you dispute something that has been around so long?? :)

    • Wes

      Thanks for your input! I would actually love to know more about what actually happens at a young fundamentalists conference. If you’re up to it, please share!