FROM THE VAULT: ‘The Myth Of Sola Fide’

As I'm always welcoming new people to the blog I sometimes like to revisit an old post or two that sparked a good conversation, but may have been missed by those who weren't around when it was originally posted. Since I'm currently cramming for my Reformation Europe midterm (which is...
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Heaven’s Welcome Basket

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook today and I thought it was pretty amusing. And slightly awesome.


Lightsaber AND a jetpack in heaven? Um, yes please. Of course, there are a couple things I'd want to trade out...
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Jesus Gets Tarantino Treatment On SNL

You don't get much more "American Jesus" than this. Over the weekend SNL gave Jesus the Quentin Tarantino treatment with their movie spoof "DJesus Uncrossed" in which Jesus rolls away the stone with his bare hands, grabs his guns, and gets revenge on the bad guys who put him there.