Happy Valentine’s Day From Jesus!

Ah, Valentine's Day. That time of the year when way too many Christians forget that love for Jesus and romantic love are two very different things and confusing the two is just awkward and inappropriate. Of course, awkward and inappropriate has never stopped anyone from doing anything and the same is true for Valentine's Day and Jesus. So, to celebrate, here's just a few of the Valentine's Day greetings (and a poem!) that simply shouldn't be. First up, no...
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Is This The Most Racist Pastor In America?

Meet Bro. Donny Reagan. He spews his vile bigotry every Sunday from the pulpit of Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Johnson City, TN. If he's not the most racist pastor in America, then he's at least got to crack the top 10 list. You'll see why in this clip where he rants about the sin of interracial marriage. Which, as you can see, isn't grainy video from way back in the Jim Crow 1950s. It was...
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The Hypocrisy Of Christian Fundamentalism

Do you know Pastor Steven Anderson? You might remember him from such epic YouTube videos as this one in which he screams and shouts about how men should "pisseth against the wall" or this one in which he screams and shouts about how "contemporary Christian music is queer & effeminate." Pastor Anderson is a proud independent, fundamentalist, Baptist preacher. Like most other fundamentalist preachers, Pastor Anderson believes that following the Bible is as simple...
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Virginia Church Worships In The Nude

I used to have the occasional nightmare about accidentally showing up to church in my underwear. Apparently, that is a dream come true for one church in Virginia. Well, minus the accident part. And the underwear. In fact, it's an every Sunday dream come true because they worship in the nude. Why do they go to church sans clothes, you ask? Because according to one church member, "People are more open as far as hearing the word of God, and...
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Awesome Jesus Stuff You Need To Own

My cousin stumbled across a couple of these things the other day and sent me pictures. Naturally, I immediately went in search of where I could buy them online. Well, that let to even more wonderful discoveries I felt compelled to share. So, in no particular order, here's some awesome (mostly) Jesus stuff you need to own. [You can click on any of the links below or images themselves to buy the awesomeness you see] First up, Jesus Band-Aids.

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Jesus Doesn’t Have Any Time For You

I guess it's true what they say. The devil is in the details. A Christian group put out the pamphlet below as part of a campaign to get people to make more time for Jesus. The problem, as someone on Redditt pointed out, is that whoever created the pamphlet got the texting backwards, making it look like Jesus was blowing off the person texting him. This is why we double check our work, kids. Read more