Pakistan: No Texting ‘Jesus’

    Apparently typing the name "Jesus Christ" in a text message may become illegal in Pakistan very soon. The Lord's name is part of a list of over 1,000 words that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has deemed "obscene" and/or "explicit". Along with "Jesus", texters in Pakistan will also be banned from using such wonderful words as: flatulence, fingerfood, fairy, and Wuutang (apparently that is the Pakistani spelling). Seriously. Here's more of the list. I think we need an Occupy Pakistan...
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Praise Your Way To Fitness

    Introducing what we hope is the next great fitness craze: "The Gospel Line Dance." Now you can praise the Lord while you burn off all that gluttony! So come one everybody, let's get "electrified by Jesus!"

[youtube ioH2h3yEWF0]

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Biblical Instructions For Using The Bathroom

    As some of you might remember, Pastor Steven Anderson broke onto the scene with his epic video on how America will be destroyed if men don't "pisseth against the wall". Well, Pastor Anderson is getting back to his roots. In this video, we learn that "femi-nazis" who "don't know their place" are trying to keep men from using the bathroom in a biblically appropriate manner. Your biblical bathroom instructions begin around the 4:15 mark

[youtube 0px_fl5kgkU]

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Skate Church: ‘King of the Hill’ Episode Becomes Reality

    Nothing against the guy leading this ministry. I'm sure he's doing great stuff, but this story from the LA Times was literally an episode of King of the Hill. First the story.

By Mike Miller Times Community News  It was sundown in a mostly deserted parking lot tucked off Westminster Boulevard. The skateboarders had stopped, as they do every Thursday, to listen to the man with the...
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Pamela Anderson To Play The Virgin Mary

    We're not making this up. 2 questions: 1) Will she run in slow motion to the manger? 2) Will David Hasselhoff being playing Joseph and if not, then why not?

(CBS) Pamela Anderson and the Virgin Mary are two names you probably never thought you'd see in the same sentence.

The former "Baywatch" actress has been tapped to star as the Virgin Mary...
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Tract Tuesday- part 30

  Things that you will learn from the Chick Tract below:
  1. Satan is a shape changer, which would be an awesome superhero power
  2. The forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate was.... a pine cone?
  3. The Catholic Church was a clever plot by Satan to keep the Word of God from spreading
  4. The Catholic Church was behind the assassinations of both Lincoln and JFK
  5. Jack Chick is one crazy dude.
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MSNBC Expose On ‘Teen Mania’ & Their ‘ESOAL: Honor Academy’

    A few months ago we posted this news report on ESOAL, a sort of boot camp for the Teen Mania army. Turns out the local news isn't the only group interested in investigating exactly what the folks at Teen Mania are up to. This time, MSNBC got in on the act. Unfortunately, we missed the original airing. Fortunately, Christian Nightmares and Unreasonable Faith were kind enough to post the episode. So, here it is in...
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