14 Predictions For 2014

Screen-Shot-2013-12-28-at-8.18.12-AM(H/T) I was going to do a year in review post, but I figured 1) it's more than a bit cliche and 2) trying to predict the future is a lot more fun. So, I'm gonna try something a little different. I'm going to tell you everything (American Jesus related) that's going to happen in 2014!! More or less. I will keep with the cliché, though, and offer up...
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Christmas With The Pope


Just about this time two years ago I was getting ready to meet the pope. Ok, not technically “meet” so much as just watch him walk by. But still, I was pretty excited After several months of waiting and string pulling (by my Benedictine monk father-in-law - seriously, I'm not making that up, he's really a monk ), my wife and I were in Rome when she...
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The Phil Robertson Challenge


My Facebook page and Twitter feed are still clogged with people fuming over Phil Robertson's suspension. I'm guessing yours is the same. The anger seems to be split between "He's defending Christian values!" and "It's a freedom of speech issue!" Except in all caps, of course. Since, I don't think either statement is true and since I'm tired of dear old Phil being held up as a martyr...
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Just A Few Thoughts On Phil Robertson’s Suspension

960x595 I'm in the midst of frantically trying to finish my final paper before Friday. (How you'd you like that alliteration??) But, I wanted to offer just a few very brief thoughts on the plight of Phil Robertson. Emphasis on brief. My Twitter feed and the news feed on my Facebook page is quickly filling up with reactions to what the Duck Dynasty star had to say about homosexuality...
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Every Living Nativity Needs A Santa Claus

Ever been to a living nativity? You know, where actors stand in place of plastic figures to reenact the scene of Jesus' birth. I remember there was a church in Nashville when I was growing up that went all out and recreated the whole story of Jesus' birth in a drive through experience. They had tons of actors, elaborate sets, even camels. But you know what they didn't have? You know what every living nativity scene is missing that would...
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Do Heretics Really Go To Hell?

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 9.48.01 AM


My first semester at Yale I took a class called "History of Christian Theology to 451." It was a class in patristics, or the theology of the early church fathers (and mothers). Like so many others, I have always been one of those people (by which I mean most people) who claim to love the early church...
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Here’s The Thing About That Bakery That Won’t Serve A Gay Couple….


You may remember that story a while back about a bakery in Colorado that wouldn't sell a wedding cake to a gay couple because, the baker claimed, it was against his Christian faith. Not surprisingly the dispute went to court and last Friday a judge finally ruled that despite the baker's claim of First Amendment protection, he did, in fact, have to serve...
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Pastor Tames Wild Horse During Church…Literally

So, I'm genuinely curious what you think about this. Yesterday, the associate pastor of Solid Rock Church in Ohio, Lawrence Bishop, "tamed" a wild horse in the middle of the sanctuary during his sermon to teach an object lesson about overcoming obstacles. I...
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Is It Jesus You’re Following Or Ayn Rand? (Thoughts On Pope Francis And The Economy)

pope-francis-2013-2 A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how blown away I have been by the response to Pope Francis, particularly by those who have no faith and those who are typically hostile towards religion. I pointed out that the comment sections of the articles and blogs about Pope Francis, which typically are filled with vile, hateful words, were instead overflowing with support....
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