The Third Eagle B****-Slaps the May 21st’ers

I'd be lying if I said that I haven't wished for a Tapley response to the May 21 Rapture crowd. Well, praise the whore of babylon he has! The Third Eagle William Tapley reveals to us that Camping is a punk and a false prophet. All hail Tapley! ...
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Evange-Cube: The Latest Tool for Street Evangelism

    It takes a quick Google search lot of time and effort for most people to solve a Rubik's cube. Understanding salvation can also be tricky, but have no fear! There's a cube for that. Presenting the "evange-cube" brought to you by the FBI. No, not that FBI, but the Firm Believers In Christ. So clever. You're probably wondering where's the "C"? Well as the host/creator of the evange-cube, Art Montgomery explains: the "C" is undercover like Christ. Which leads...
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“Say Hello to my little friend” > “Turn the other cheek”

[caption id="attachment_3112" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Police are searching for this man"][/caption]

Cops Say Pastor Shot Teen For Throwing Rocks

ATLANTA – Pastor Alex Williams, shot a 13-year-old boy for throwing rocks at his car according to police. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:
Police said the teen was throwing rocks at about 7:30 p.m. near Stephens and McDaniel streets when a rock broke the rear windshield of a car driven by...
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Colbert on a May 21st Judgement Day – Yahweh!

    There's nothing about this clip that isn't funny. "Save the date? Like a wedding? I wonder if the apocalypse will be chicken or fish." "There's only 10 more shopping days 'till there aren't any more shopping days." What we love best is Colbert's "love" of the American nature of this whole thing. If you notice, the only place this end of the world campaign is happening is here in the United States. So expectedly normal weird to see an...
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Sign of the Apocalypse #4

  As our friends from the May 21st campaign reminded us today, we are less than 2 weeks away from Judgement Day!! How do they know? There are signs of course! Today's sign of the apocalypse:

The American Jesus has almost as many Twitter followers (149) as we do people we are following (163).

You can help usher in the apocalypse by following us on Twitter and getting others to do the same. We need more followers...
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May 21st – An Interview With The People Behind The Campaign!!!

  As you probably already know the end of the world could be just around the corner. May 21st to be exact according to a group affiliated with Family Radio. Here at The American Jesus we want to help you, our beloved readers, prepare for this imminent apocalypse. So, we went straight to the source for answers and the folks behind the May 21st Judgement Day awareness campaign were gracious enough to answer a few questions...
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See You On Monday – The Chick-Fil-A Song

    Mmmmm......Chick-Fil-A. Manna from heaven. Except on Sundays. True story: When my great-grandmother Bonnie lived in Atlanta she had a neighbor named Truett Cathy. At the time Mr. Cathy had a new recipe for a chicken sandwich he was working on. He would bring the newest incarnation of his sandwich over to her house for feedback. I'm not sure how much influence she had on the recipe but there was one opinion she was sure to share with Mr....
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