Jesus Would Believe In Evolution

Check out this fantastic article on Christianity and evolution. It's sort of a shameless plug as it was written by a good friend of the family, but Karl Giberson is a great scientist and a devout Christian who is doing fantastic work in the conversation between faith and science.

My Take: Jesus would believe in evolution and so should you

By Karl W. Giberson, Special to CNN Jesus once...
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Christian iPad Band

This may not be the greatest song of all time and the audio isn't that great, but there at least 2 things about this video that are really amazing.... 1) Every instrument in this "band" is an iPad. Just one more reason I need an iPad...youth worship on Sunday nights would be awesome on iPads. 2) This is happening at a CHRISTIAN church conference. Since when are Christians on the cutting edge of music? Shouldn't they be...
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Facebook Is Not Christian

Not that this will come as much of a surprise, but apparently we are both apostate youth pastors. Although not necessarily for the reasons you might think, i.e. this blog. It seems that using Facebook is anti-Christian.

A Catholic Parish Calls Facebook the 'Opposite of Christian Culture'

By Chris Gayomali

Just when the contentious relationship between the Catholic Church and Facebook seems to have settled down, parish leaders at St. John...
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Fundie Friday – part 28

I'm not going to lie. I was watching this video alone in my office and it actually scared me. Not the "AHH!!! I've been left behind!!" scary, but the "I didn't see that coming and almost jumped out of my seat" scary. So, I'm a wimp. Either that or the Holy Spirit is telling me to get my act together so I won't be left behind. Since I think the "rapture" is a load of 18th century theological...
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Throwback Thursday – part 2

Ah, Carman. What's not to love? Today we throw it back to a Carman classic: "Witch's Invitation" Because if there is something we can all connect to it's receiving letters in the mail from warlocks. I guess if your friends with Charlie Sheen that might actually be pretty normal. There is one significant problem with this we all know witches don't use the post office. They use owls!! [youtube BKRV6Mpm6cw] ...
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Easter Egg Drop

Forget putting your name in a church raffle for some Easter cash, risking your life dodging 60,000 eggs falling from a helicopter is MUCH more exciting. At least it is for people on the sidelines watching everyone else get hit in the face with plastic eggs. Where is this again? We may just have to take a road trip!  

Newington church has 'secret location' for this year's...

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A Bevy of Christian “Like a Boss” Parodies

Apparently Christians are deeply moved by The Lonely Island's digital short on SNL, "Like a Boss" (Note: Link takes you to "clean" version, although it's still pretty vulgar).  Youtube is practically bursting at the seams with Christian knock-offs of the infamous video.  Here are our 5 favorites- let us know in the comments which one you think deserves the titles of "Bossiest Christian Like A Boss Video."   1.)  This one's actually fairly well done...
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Tract Tuesday- part 23

Sometimes you really have to read something out loud to fully grasp how creepy it really is.  Luckily, some good folks on youtube have done this very thing with the various works of our hero Jack Chick. Join us as we celebrate Tract Tuesday by enjoying the spoken word alongside his famous artwork.  Today, we're featuring what is easily one of Jack's creepiest titles to date: Lisa. In fact, it was so creepy that it was...
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