You’re Not Right. Get Over it. – By Sharideth Smith

I’m a political conservative. Yeah. I’m pretty sure Zack either had a new dad lack of judgement caused by no sleep or an aneurysm when he asked me to guest post. Who knows. Yet, here we are.

So I am going to take this opportunity to tell you silly liberals that you are not always right. You have not cornered the market on all knowledge and make the country and humanity at large work...

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Introducing Buechner – By Adam Ellis

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"When I forget the power of the word, I read Frederick Buechner. When I forget the deep relief of telling the truth, I read Frederick Buechner. When I forget to look for the holiness all around me, I read Frederick Buechner. When I forget why the gospel matters, I read Frederick Buechner.

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An Open Letter To Zack Hunt – By Ed Cyzewski


(H/T) As I try to get adjusted to life as a new dad, I've got some old friends helping cover things here this week and some new friends covering things next week. Really honored to have everyone guest posting for me and I can't thank them enough for all their help. First up today is my friend Ed Cyzewski. I hope you enjoy...
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Open Mic Week Vol. 2 – The Lineup

openmicweeklogo Yeah, so this turned out to be way harder than I anticipated. And I don't just mean it was hard to read so many submissions on so little sleep. That part was my fault for being dumb and not scheduling this part of the process earlier. You know, like way before when there was a for real chance of the baby arriving. Live and learn. What I mean is...
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The Thing That’s Shocked Me Most About Pope Francis (Or Why Protestant Pastors Need To Pay Attention To This Pope)

Vatican Pope Youths(H/T) This will probably come as no surprise, but I'm a fan of Pope Francis. A big fan. I'm under no illusions that he isn't without his flaws, but when it comes to the Christian faith and in particular being Christ-like he just seems to get it, probably more than any other major Christian leader I know. From rejecting the luxurious papal apartment to washing the...
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Who’s The Real Hater?

The only thing Christians today like talking about more than Jesus is haters. It's completely ridiculous, but it's also kinda genius if you think about. It doesn't matter how valid someone else's criticism is or how incapable you are of mounting a defense, just call that person a hater and you win! Well, if seems Jack Chick wants in on the hater action (or maybe wanted in, I have no idea how old this thing is). You know Jack,...
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Open Mic Week – Vol. 2

open-mic(H/T) I need your help. My wife and I are expecting the arrival of our first child any day now and while I've never been a parent before I feel like I should probably make taking care of my new baby girl and her mother a higher priority than my blog, you know at least for a few days. Kids can take care of themselves after a...
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This Week In Jesus

I came across a whole bevy of Jesus stuff this weekend, so instead of drawing it out over several separate posts I thought I would combine it all into one for your convenience so you're easily and adequately prepared for the week ahead. First up, did you hear that Jesus ran in the New York Marathon this weekend? You can read all about it on Yahoo.

I assume he came in last. You know...

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