About The Author

headshotb&wZack Hunt 
 – I’m a writer, blogger, and youth ministry veteran living in Bristol, CT with my beautiful bride, Kim, and brand new daughter, Ainsley. A couple of years ago we moved from Tennessee to Connecticut where she is doing her OB/GYN residency and I just finished up my graduate studies at Yale Divinity School, focusing on the history of Christianity.

Writing – I’ve done a little bit of freelance writing and hoping to publish my first book, The Scandal of Holiness, very soon. Until then, you can find most of my writings and ruminations here. I am represented by Blair Jacobson from D.C. Jacobson & Associates.


About The American Jesus

ajwallpaper2No, I don’t think I am the American Jesus. Yes, I do get asked that on fairly regular basisThe American Jesus is a satirical take on how we in America tend to remake Jesus in our own image. This blog, then, is dedicated to all the silly, absurd, serious, crazy, depressing, hopeful, tragic, and strange things that make up the peculiar phenomenon of American Christianity. If you come across anything that fits that description, please don’t hesitate to share it with me.