This Is A Real Movie??

    Almost all of us have been in a church that seemed to be controlled (or really were controlled) by a little old lady or some rich old man. That seems to be the premise behind this Christian movie from the folks at Cloud 10. Except, in this case the little old lady...
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3rd Times The Charm For the 3rd Eagle

    In record setting fashion the brilliant and hilarious silver fox Anderson Cooper has put the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse on his Ridiculist for the THIRD TIME in just 2 weeks! It seems that Anderson is just as amused/fascinated/entertained by William Tapley as we are. So, congrats to the Co-Prophet of the...
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Got Jesus?

    I think the "message" of this video is: don't go bungee jumping without Jesus. Unless you have insurance. Actually, I have no idea what the message of this video is. It's just strange, disturbing, and confusing.

[youtube BeduBUZUrLA]

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