Uses of Peptides

A lot of research is going around the Peptides and there are many different types of peptides which are presently being explored for the uses. Scientists are trying to find a better use of this amino acid chain and in some of the domain, the peptides are already in use.

For example, research peptides are used for testing the skin creams at the cellular level. More such interest uses of peptides are listed in the article so go through the uses of the peptides to know more about them.

  • As mentioned earlier, these days, peptides have found their use in pharmaceutical industry as they are used to test the skin care products. This helps the companies in formulating a better a more effective drug for the skin problems.
  • Previously, Peptides were also used by athletes to improve their performance but later, WADA banned the use of these substances. They were majorly used as a substance which helped the body in enhancing the level of growth hormones. The legality of the peptide in sport is still under debate.
  • Peptides are also used in anti-wrinkle creams as they help in the formation of collagen which makes the skin look bright and young.
  • Some of the peptides like copper peptides are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect and they are used to reduce inflammation.
  • As per some of the research, peptides are known to have antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant and antitumor properties and the scientists are already on verge of exploiting these properties of peptides.
  • Because of the antitumor properties of peptides, they have found their use in the vaccination industry as well. They work at the molecular level and some of the synthetic peptides are being used in treating cancer.
  • This magical amino acid chain has also found its use in the field of electronics as researchers are able to develop peptide nanotubes which are basically a type of semiconductors.

These were some of the interesting uses of the peptides. Researchers are working hard in this field to find more such constructive uses of peptides.


Author: Maria Johnson

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