What Is The Oil Spill And How It Happens?

You may have heard about the oil spill incidences that happen. Now the main question arises why do oil spills happen? Oil spills happen when people make mistakes and become careless about the oil tanker and leak them into an ocean. This spill also happens when 2 countries are at war and one of them decides to dump a lot of oil in the seas and oceans of the other country. More than 100 million gallons of oil is spilled in the oceans. Oil spill really causes damage to the water mammals. Oil spills not only affect animals but also affects the water with its particles.

Why do oil spills happen?

Oil spill mostly happen when people make mistakes and are careless about the oil tank that they have on their ship. Due to this the tank sometimes leaks and all the oil is spilled in the ocean which degrades it. This can also happen when the equipment that is used to take care of oil tanks break and oil is not controlled. Sometimes if everything is ok then the natural disaster like hurricanes come and does the work and breaks the oil tanks. There is also a situation if the ship or oil tanks are attacked by a group of terrorists.  Maybe some countries are and war and they decide to attack the ships of other country or dump oil in their oceans. If 2 countries are fighting then you should tell what is the fault of these water animals that they are affected?

If you know that oil and water do not mix, the oil floats on the water. This layer of oil on water is known as the oil slick. Now when the mammals come out of the water to take air they will be hurt by the oil. Not only the oil comes on their body but also it makes them die.


Author: Maria Johnson

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